Abel Pregnancy Resource Center is now open for pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasound exams, STI testing and the Earn While You Learn Program.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL CLIENTS: We prefer that you call the center at 304-325-2000 to make an appointment. The forms you need to fill out can be texted to you. You should fill them out and send them back to the center before your arrival. When you arrive for your appointment please call us at 304-325-2000 for the purpose of answering some very quick and simple screening questions, after which you will be able to enter the center. We ask that you wear a mask during the duration of your visit to Abel. If you do not have a mask we will provide one for you. Thank you and we want you to know we are ready to serve your needs. Abel is a safe place for you to share any challenges you may be facing.

Our Hours

| Monday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
| Tuesday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
| Wednesday CLOSED
| Thursday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
| Friday CLOSED

For Men

Do you think she's pregnant?

You aren’t alone! You can get through this! It’s vitally important that you receive the support you need emotionally and in a safe environment where your concerns can be heard.

What to do:301-800

Try to slow down. You have time to understand exactly what your challenges are and you can successfully overcome them with support and education.

Speak with the mother of your baby and listen to her heart. Keep the lines of communication open with her. Allow the mother of your baby to have a voice. She carries your child in her womb and the impact on her is as overwhelming to her as it is to you, if not more.

It’s important for you to know there is someone here for you and for her. We want to listen to you and help you. Clearly, she will need to know you’re supportive of her and with honest and open communication, you can help her understand this is true.

If you’re concerned about your parents or her parents finding out about the pregnancy, you’re concerns are valid. Abel is a place where we can give you tools which will help you navigate this very delicate situation with everyone involved.

Abel offers a plethora of information which will help you make an educated decision about the choices you are facing. Seeking this information will empower you and give you tools you may not have at this point in time.

Please Remember: Pressuring the mother of your baby may not be the most productive way to deal with your current situation. You are in this together and the changes coming are going to affect you and her. The responsibilities are now equally designated to you the father, and her the mother of this brand-new life. And please do remember, we are here for you.