Client Comments

“Loved being able to just talk”

“This is an amazing thing you women do here. I had no idea this was even here”

“Very good job and amazing at listening to what I talked about”

“I have very rarely felt more comfortable in other places”

“Thanks for being so helpful, comforting and non-judgmental toward me and my concerns“

“Very friendly, educational, helpful and respectful”

“I felt as though everyone went over all that I needed to know and were very understanding of my needs”

“The environment is extremely relaxing and calming which made things a lot more comfortable.”

Ninety-nine percent of our first-time clients rate their overall experience as good to excellent. In response to the exit questionnaire question,
    "Would you recommend the center to a friend facing similar circumstances as you?"
100% of our first-time clients say that they would strongly recommend it.

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